Charla online: IN A WORD by Charlie López

The aim of this talk is to foster interest in the study of the origin, formation and development of words and phrases and provide insights into their true meanings and the real contexts in which they are to be used.

A unique opportunity to understand why we say what we say in the English Language.

What’s the connection between condom and Charles II?

Who were the first to beat about the bush?

Don’t miss this wonderful session on the fascinating history and mystery behind words and idioms, and find out….

Why “Peeping Tom” was tortured and killed? .

Who was the devil in the expression between the devil and the deep blue sea

And much more.


Prof. Charlie López (*)


Jueves 7 de octubre


De 18:30 a 20:00h


$500 hasta el 31 de julio

$600 hasta el 1 de octubre

U$D 10 pagos del exterior

Idioma de la charla

La charla será en inglés


Inscripciones hasta el 01/10